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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 5
Starting Over
The Metamorphosis of Bird's Nest Airport Begins
Once I made the formal decision to buy the
airport, it took a couple of months to put all
of my ducks in a row. I needed to do several
things quickly: draft an agreement to assume
Eagle Rock, LLC's purchase option contracts,
set up a company to own and operate the air-
port, establish checking accounts, and move
a lot of money around. Also, I hired an envi-
ronmental consultant to perform a phase one
environmental site assessment (to make sure
there wasn't a sneaky little hazardous waste
2007. Aerial view of Bird's Nest Airport, (bottom left). The old airport ran north and south approximately parallel
to State Highway 130 at the top of the photo. Photo courtesy of David Hannah III.
site hiding six inches below ground) and take
out enough insurance to let me sleep well at
For the airport to work I had to buy at least
two properties, the airport property itself,
owned by Jerry Kahlbau (134 acres), and an
adjacent tract owned by Lew Adams (49.63
acres) which came with access to State High-
way 130. In July 2007, the Eagle Rock, LLC
team and I drew up an agreement in which
they assigned all rights to me. As it turned