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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 5
three weeks pounding, patching, painting,
ripping up walls and sections of crumbling
drywall and old flooring. The sheetrock was
patched and they put up a couple of new walls
and doors and hardware. Finally, after install-
ing a truckload of new trim we had a relative-
ly intact flight office that started to resemble
a business.
Back in July of last year, a month or more
before we closed on the properties, I asked
the engineer, Frank McIllwain, if he would
contact someone at Atmos Energy and in-
quire about the pipeline. Frank sent an e-mail
to Doug Knautch at Atmos and asked a long
list of questions: size of the pipes, age, con-
tents, easement width, and others. He politely
inquired how they would feel about lowering
their pipeline a bit so I could build a heavy-
weight corporate runway over the top.
Doug's response: "Huh!"
2008. Photo taken mid construction as the flight office, kitchen and lounge was in the process of being
upgraded with new flooring, paint, trim and other improvements. Photo courtesy of David Hannah III.