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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 6
What Pipeline?
Discovering a Hidden Pipeline is a Million Dollar Problem
Back in April, when I first visited the airport
and stumbled across the yellow sign warn-
ing of a pipeline underfoot, I knew we had a
problem. I had recently worked with a pipe-
line company in Houston, which happened
to have its own pipeline running across the
airport I was building there, and I knew that
whatever happened, it wasn't going to be easy
or cheap.
I asked Garver Engineer's Frank McIl-
lwain to contact the pipeline company, Atmos
2008. Gas pipelines running beneath old and new runway (outlined in white line).
Photo courtesy of Jim Craig.
Energy Corporation, and explain our situa-
tion--that is, we had a pipeline below ground,
under our proposed new runway and, if pos-
sible, we'd like it lowered. What exactly were
our options?
Easements and
More Easements
In August 2007 my attorney reviewed a
barely readable Bird's Nest Airport natural
gas pipeline easement agreement. Four de-