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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 6
cades earlier, on October 2, 1964, Lone Star
Gas Company had paid Walter Carrington,
then owner of the property, a one-time pay-
ment of $127 for the right to run a natural gas
pipeline across his 113.66-acre property. Lone
Star Gas Company had a rich history in the
state. Founded in 1909 as a utility company to
transmit natural gas, the company began con-
struction on what was then one of the longest
pipelines in the world, stretching from the
Pretoria oilfield in Pretoria, Texas, 135 miles
southeast, to Dallas-Fort Worth. Lone Star
Gas Company (under the new name Enserch
Corporation) was sold to TXU Energy in 1996
and then sold to Atmos Energy Corporation
in 2004.
As part of the easement, Loan Star Gas
promised to "...bury all pipe to a sufficient
depth so as not to interfere with cultivation of
soil, and to pay any damages which may arise
to growing crops or fences from any construc-
tion or operation of said pipe." No mention of
burying the pipe deep enough to accommo-
date airports and jet runways. The easement
was twenty feet wide, ten feet on each side of
the pipe, and promised 42 inches of cover. I
had no doubt that forty-three years ago the
pipeline did in fact have three and a half feet
2007. Atmos Energy relocation site plan showing the new runway 13-31 and taxiway in light blue and the
location of two gas pipelines in pink crossing the runway/taxiway. Drawing courtesy of Garver, LLC.