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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 7
Program Manager at the FAA, to plead my
case, he said he didn't know anything about the
proposed power line. Not officially. As far as
the FAA was concerned, the agency was out of
the loop.
Thus a part of our argument to the PUC
was that Bird's Nest Airport was located
within the FAA notification parameters for
at least one portion of every proposed route,
yet LCRA had taken the position that it didn't
intend to notify the FAA until after the PUC
had approved a route for the line. We wanted
the FAA involved now, to yell and scream and
circle the offending towers (those that would
squelch my precision approach) with a big
red marker and pray that the PUC had sense
enough to refuse to approve a route for which
the FAA had pointed out clear aeronautical
Kay then spoke to LCRA's Associate Gener-
al Counsel, Fernando Rodriguez, who agreed
to send her a copy of their original application
to the PUC, along with a host of current maps
outlining various power line routes and indi-
vidual links. In a calm voice, Mr. Rodriguez
intimated that LCRA would oppose our Mo-
tion to Intervene, knowing full well that the
two administrative law judges assigned to the
2007. Aerial view of the airport property including SH130. The engineering team at Garver, LLC has identified
several proposed 122' power line towers that will interfere with Bird's Nest Airport airspace.