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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 8
New Runway and Extension
Buying More Property in Order to Build a Longer Runway
In some ways I began designing the run-
way even before I had bought the property.
The original presentation that Eagle Rock in-
vestors put in front of me had one particular
image I remember well, a photo taken as if
you were flying over the airport peeking out
the window at a patchwork of farms below--
greens in far off patterns that, from this dis-
tance, reminded me of manicured lawns, and
off to the left the four-laner, State Highway
130, running north and south. The Adams
2009. Aerial view of new 4,420-foot runway as it is being graded and surfaced. At the midpoint of the new runway
is the pipeline running beneath the runway and taxiway. Photo courtesy of David Hannah III.
and Kahlbau properties were outlined in a
bold yellow line and inside the yellow were
a pair of fat white lines that represented the
new runway and taxiway sort of overlapping
the old--a layout that didn't work in the long
run, but at that point seemed as plausible as
any other.
In July 2007, as the escrow and title compa-
ny staff were gathering all the paperwork to
close on the airport properties, I asked Frank
McIllwain with Garver Engineers to sketch