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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 8
Nest Airport's proposed runway 12-30.
Next, Frank and his team produced three
computer-generated runway alignments and
overlayed them atop an aerial view of the
property. In each, he drew a 5,000-foot baby
blue line that represented the runway across
the airport property and the adjacent Zschie-
sche property to the southeast (which I didn't
own). He also drew an additional 2,000-foot
dotted baby blue line at the other end show-
ing a possible runway extension (if and when
I bought more property to the northwest). As-
suming I could buy the adjacent properties, I
had a 7,000-foot runway capable of handling
just about anything in Austin's corporate air-
craft community.
Runway #1, Frank's choice, ran parallel to
the north property line.
Runway #2, my preference of the three, ran
parallel to the north property line, similar to
Frank's choice, only the entire runway had
been displaced four hundred feet or so to the
southwest and consequently ran through a
duck pond. A part of the taxiway came very
close to the spot where Ray Harding's old
house of poles used to sit before it burned
down in 2002.
2009. Engineering drawing of final orientation and layout of the runway/taxiway on the site.
Drawing courtesy of Garver, LLC.