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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 8
The New 1,605-Foot Runway Extension
telephone conversations, we talked over what
would and wouldn't work.
"I want the runway as long as possible," I
told Frank.
"Six thousand feet?" Frank asked. "Seven
thousand? That kind of length comes at a
"Six thousand," I told him. "No less."
"At six thousand feet we need at least two
connector taxiways. We can also remove the
displaced threshold we talked about on the
south end."
2009. The new 1,605-foot runway extension (the area in light colored rock) surrounded by golden brown
fields of corn. Photo courtesy of Vic Copeland.
At some point in the runway's construction
(my guess is way back around change order
#5), I got word that property adjacent to the
airport was available to purchase. I bought a
tiny 3.76 acres of the Graham tract west of the
Dearing place and an additional 20.2 acres of
the Gates tract located north of the airport.
Having enough land was no longer an is-
sue. The issue was what to do with it.
Months earlier when the Zschiesche prop-
erty finally closed, I asked Frank McIllwain to
finalize the construction plans to extend the
runway to the southeast. In one of our many