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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 8
"Fine," I said. "One last thing. I don't intend
to open the airport until the entire runway is
ready to go. All six thousand feet, or better,
so it's important we don't have any delays
between completing the initial runway and
starting work on the extension. Can you give
me a timeline, so I'll know what's happening
Hesitating, he said, "Already done. But you
won't like it."
"I don't like it already."
This part of the conversation took place in
October, as I recall, days away from Tribble
& Stephens and their grading contractor pre-
paring to work on the initial runway.
"In October, we submit our completeness
check to the City of Austin for the runway ex-
tension," Frank said. "In November, we wrap
up the completeness check with the City. This
is an involved process, so I won't waste your
time with the details unless you want."
"Just give me the timeline."
"Let's see here. In December, we receive
updates and feedback from the City, things
they want reconsidered, changed. We make
changes to our plans and resubmit. In
February, we go through a second round of
2009. Additional view of the 1,605-foot runway and taxiway extension completed by Cash Construction
Company. Photo courtesy of Jim Craig.