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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 8
2009. Final preparations of grading the rock base and compacting the runway surface prior to applying
asphalt. Photo courtesy of Jim Craig.
"Frank," I said, "just give me the bottom
line. Do I need to worry about delays?"
"Short answer," Frank said. "Yes, permit-
ting for the runway extension will set us back
"How much is some?"
"It's hard to say," Frank said, but I could
tell he was holding back so I waited him out,
pressing the phone to my ear and silently
counting, one, two, three...until he said, "A
couple of months, maybe more."
"This two-month setback, it's likely or
"The City requires us to submit three mas-
ter comment reports, minimum, and each
round takes time. If they don't like what they
see, they can ask for additional reports. More
time, more delays."
"Best case," I said, "when will the runway
be complete? All of it, all six thousand feet
ready to handle air traffic?"
"I hate to say this."
"I need a date, Frank."
"The runway itself, October 2009. Then
we wait on FAA approvals, let's say another
month. November. We'll still need dirt work