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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 9
Unforeseen Challenges
Runway Repairs, Wetland Mitigation, and Fire Water
In May 2009 we changed the name from
Bird's Nest Airport to Austin Executive Air-
port. To make it official, we issued a press
release in which we said we were establish-
ing the premier general aviation facility in the
Austin area.
Also in May Atmos Energy mailed me a re-
fund check for $1.1 million--the exact amount
I had overpaid to have the two pipelines low-
ered. In October, a short five months later, I
discovered that the taxiway and runway were
2009. Wetlands Mitigation Drawing.
Drawing courtesy of Garver, LLC.
sinking in the precise spot the pipeline had
been lowered.
Issues of the runway and taxiway settling
weren't new. Some months earlier, Frank Mc-
Illwain noticed that a section of the taxiway
had sagged where Tribble & Stephens Con-
struction had buried a pair of double 36-inch
drainage culverts. The problem, as far as we
could tell, was that the seven or so feet of dirt
piled on top of the concrete culverts wasn't
compacted according to specifications. What