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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
Page 181
W. H
Chapter 10
video a dozen times and what I really wanted
to know was whether or not a pilot taxiing a
multimillion-dollar jet could get even a snip-
pet of sunlight in his eyes. The answer was
no. Our half-million-dollar arrival canopy did
exactly the job it was designed to.
At the final tally, the new terminal cost
the airport around $3.7 million to build, the
attached corporate jet hangar another $1.4
million, and the arrival canopy an additional
$541,000. All told, I spent roughly $5.2 mil-
lion on three airport structures, and in my
opinion the outcome was worth every penny.
2011. Ron W. Henriksen, David Hannah III, and Gail Lyons tour the airport during a routine construction progress
visit. The trio land on the taxiway because the runway is not complete. Video courtesy of David Hannah III.