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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 12
Why Build An Airport?
I Had a Dream
Over the last three years several people
have asked me a recurring question: Given
the costs, dubious financial returns, political
and environmental pushback, and the unfore-
seen challenges inherent in any large-scale
construction project, why build an airport in
the first place?
My answer is quite simple. I love to fly, I
believe that this airport is a solid long-term
investment, and at this point in my life I need-
ed a big challenge.
2011. View of the Austin Executive Airport arrival canopy, curved glass wall of the terminal building, and
attached Henriksen Jet Center. Photo courtesy of Patrick Y. Wong/Atelier Wong Photography.
Fulfilling a Need
I love to fly. I suppose that goes without
saying for anyone with forty-three years of fly-
ing under his belt, for anyone dreamy enough
to make a career of piloting corporate jets in
the 1980s, and for anyone idealistic enough to
see a need for a regional airport and set out
to meet that need. I have been flying since I
was twenty years old, and while I continued
to own airplanes and fly the occasional trip to
Aspen for family vacations, I hadn't been fully