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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
While my name is on the cover, any author
will tell you that it takes a team to write a
book. I couldn't have done it without the sup-
port of many people. At the top of my list is
my family, my wife Sheri, and my two sons
James and Matthew, who encouraged me dur-
ing the long years it took to build the airport
and the months it took to get the story down
on paper.
Thanks to Tom Wilson, one of my first
readers, for helping me find my voice and
for his tireless proofreading efforts.
I can't say enough about the people who
work for me. Andy Perry and Jim Craig spent
untold hours in Austin on the construction
site translating my directions into tangible
form; Roberta Long, my long-time finance
executive, kept all the money straight; Ben
Martinka, who literally spent the last several
years on site nudging the construction crews
in the right direction; and Catherine Friddle
who worked her magic in the background
scheduling, rereading the fine print, and
keeping track of exactly who was responsible
for what.
Thanks to Gail Lyons, my interior design
guru, who added a level of sophistication to
the FBO Terminal building that never oc-
curred to me until she offered alternatives I
could see and touch.
In addition, I want to thank my good friend
and co-pilot David Hannah, III who kept me
company on our flights from my home in
Houston to Austin Executive Airport for rou-
tine site visits. David took more than 5,000
photos of the airport in progress, many of
which were used in this book.
And last, I am grateful to Latham Shinder
for his research, writing, and numerous inter-
views--in coaxing pilots and skydivers and
others to recall long-forgotten stories of the
antics of learning to fly at Bird's Nest Airport.