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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 1
The Wall of Glass
Follow the gallery and you got a surprise.
The corridor opened up to the waiting/
lounge area, a voluminous two-story space
with a commanding concave wall of glass
and an impressive view of the airplane ramp
and runway.
In many ways this feature paid homage to
airports of a bygone era, in which airport-
goers felt compelled to put their nose to the
glass and see what they could see. Air travel-
ers of yesteryear wanted adventure and a part
of that adventure was watching the comings
and goings of the radiant industrial objects
known as airplanes, some landing, others
barreling down the runway ready to take
flight, and still others taxiing slowly up to the
debarkation door, engines rumbling, walls
and floors noticeably humming, and finally
stopping, all that mass settling in place for
a split second before passengers clamored
off the steel hulks as they might a space-age
theme ride at Disneyland.
Twenty years ago, passengers longed to
witness airplanes arriving and walls of thick
glass made that possible. Air travel was much
more than the jolt of acceleration at takeoff
2011. Airport waiting/lounge area with Concorde aircraft engine on display.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Y. Wong/Atelier Wong Photography.