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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 1
Hood Regional or even San Antonio Interna-
tional) was often left up to the pilot.
And a pilot made that decision based on
many factors, not the least of which were air-
port features that mattered most to them--a
pleasant or even stylish airport atmosphere, a
state-of-the-art pilot briefing room, a spacious
pilot's lounge, dedicated and sound-proofed
media rooms with cushy oversized leather
chairs to kick back and watch a movie, ultra
quiet sleeping rooms for an afternoon nap,
and elegant high-end locker rooms and bath-
rooms. Oh, and a spiffy snack bar.
I wanted the airport to cater to pilots who
flew in, unloaded executives and their guests,
and who then spent hours, sometimes entire
days, in the pilot's lounge killing time until the
executives finished their business, climbed
aboard, and were piloted home.
Take care of the pilots, I theorized, and the
pilots would take care of the airport. Thus
early in the design, Howard and I agreed to
dedicate a good portion of the square footage
of the building over to pilots.
I also recognized that the airport would be
used by some of the region's most influential
business owners, who were routinely flying
business prospects, clients, customers, and
2011. Conference room on the ground floor adjacent to the waiting/lounge area.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Y. Wong/Atelier Wong Photography.