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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 1
partners throughout the nation. I wanted an
airport that would awe those travel compan-
ions. I wanted the forms and finishes to make
debarking passengers pause and take a look
around, to stand and look up at the expansive
volumes and wonder, just for a moment, how
or why this jewel of an airport came to be.
Many executives and their guests would ar-
rive via airplane, taxi to a stop underneath the
vast umbrella-like arrival canopy, walk a short
thirty feet from the airplane directly into the
terminal waiting area, and march along the
curved gallery to the front of the building and
on to the parking lot. Many passengers would
be tired. Others would be chatting on cell
phones or texting or lost in thought about clos-
ing a business deal, or distracted by a thou-
sand other concerns, all of which had nothing
to do with the airport. In all cases, I wanted
passengers and pilots alike to enter the termi-
nal and be inspired by the space. I wanted the
anatomy of the structure to take their breath
away. I wanted passengers to stop whatever
they were doing and look around, to comment
on the wall of glass, the high-ceilinged light-
ing, the artwork and textured craftsmanship
that make up those spaces.
Howard Hill's design did just that.
2011. Flyby of Austin Executive Airport with SH 130 diagonally crossing the frame on right.
Video courtesy David Hannah III.