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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 2
heater on the second floor. About the time the
phone was installed, Mary took the uppermost
room for herself to use as a painting studio.
Who needed a third floor control room for a
humble country airport anyway? The second
floor was livable as a small home; the ground
floor was plain but suitable as a flight office,
and the attached hangar was already filling up
with airplane parts and racks of tools.
A Record of Firsts
In the process of researching the history
of the airport, two separate pilots (Tom Mon-
temayor and Clyde Barker) stumbled across
an old discolored newsletter that Ray Hard-
ing had put together. The newsletter included
a sketchy chronology of happenings at Bird's
Nest Airport: Occupied three-story home on
Thanksgiving 1966; built main six-unit hangar
in 1967; graded and graveled the runway and
taxiway in 1971; opened the flight school in
late-1971; incorporated Bird's Nest Aviation,
Inc. in 1972; asphalted the runway, taxiway,
and ramp in 1972; installed two 6,000-gallon
fuel tanks in 1973; regraded and paved a badly
buckling runway in 1974; built the new flight
office in 1975; and bought an additional 21.4
acres in 1976.
1966. Ray Harding working on one of his experimental airplanes.
Photo courtesy of Dave Mandot.