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"You can count yourself lucky if you get the chance to meet
someone like Ron Henriksen, much less get the chance to join him
in bringing a new airport to life. As an architect with a passion for
aviation, it was a pleasure to discover Ron's shared enthusiasm for
the rich history of aviation architecture. This book is a testament
to the unique approach to life and business that is Ron Henriksen
(not to mention that the book is a rip-roaring great read), and it has
been both a pleasure and an honor to have played a small role in
helping Ron bring the Austin Executive Airport to life."
Howard Hill, Architect
"Austin Executive Airport: A History of Austin's Newest General
Aviation is much more than a chronology of an airport's rebirth; it's
a story that reflects the beliefs and hopes of those involved. Central
is Ron Henriksen who led the charge, but equally important are all
those who supported the effort. This `history' reflects the very best
of American ingenuity, solving issues one by one and never, never
giving up the vision that general aviation is as important to the
healthy growing community as the people the airport serves."
William B. Gunn, Texas Dept of Transportation,
Aviation Division