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"From the vote taken in the Texas House during my first term
in 1995 to close Robert Mueller Municipal Airport and move the
commercial operation to Bergstrom Air Force Base, I knew that
general aviation in the Austin area was in trouble. Through the
years, several attempts were made by the state to develop a Cen-
tral Texas Airport, but every option was blocked. This book is the
inspiring story of what one entrepreneur can do to change the
face of an entire community, bringing services that will contribute
to the economy and better the lives of its citizens. Ron Henriksen
took an all-but-abandoned, turf airport and turned it into a state-of-
the-art general aviation jet center. That effort took perseverance
and determination to deal with city regulations and a near fatal
blow from a power line being constructed across the approach end
of the runway. It was a joy to be involved in the project and see
Ron overcome every obstacle."
Arlene Wohlgemuth
Former Texas State Representative for District 58