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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 3
1961. Austin's Robert Mueller Municipal Airport terminal dedication attended by Vice President Lyndon Johnson.
Photo courtesy Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, PICA 15898.
contrary, he often made sense of information
others disregarded, of changes in regional
politics, population growth, area history and
cultural trends.
Robert Mueller
Municipal Airport
One critical piece of information was the
outlook for Robert Mueller Municipal Airport.
For some years prior to 1956, Austinites
didn't have a choice of airports. If they flew at
all, small aircraft or large commercial airlin-
ers, they took off and landed at Robert Muel-
ler Municipal Airport, a short five miles from
the Texas State Capitol building in downtown
Austin and too close for a budding regional
airport clamoring for more space within an
ever-expanding population who wanted noth-
ing more than a nice quiet home on a tree-
lined street free of jet engine noise and the
occasional small aircraft pilot snafu--some
hayseed flyer buzzing the neighborhood or
an emergency landing in the backyard.
Then in 1956, Theodore R. Timmerman, Sr.
bought 250 acres along Dessau Road, a few
miles north of Mueller, and leased a 20-acre
parcel to Jim Boutwell, who graded a 2,800-
foot runway, installed runway lights, put up