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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 3
1982. Skydivers Gary Trebbe, Carolee Justice, Ray Schafer (in white), and Bob McLaughlin (in blue), practicing
formations in what skydivers refer to as a "dirt dive." Pilot Stephen Lyng. Photo courtesy of Henry Stone.
way he saw it. He loved the simplicity of the
business proposition--hand over three dol-
lars; we take you up and push you out, and
the thrill of the jump is all yours.
Mike stood on the north side of the tin build-
ing in the shade, close enough to feel the heat
emanating from the corrugated metal. His
head was thrown back and his wire-rimmed
aviator shades pointed at the sky, watching a
jumper, a large dome of dark fabric overhead,
a jellyfish, falling back to Earth. "He's too far
"He's all right," Clark said. "It's his second,
third jump. He's doing fine."
"I'm going to miss this place."
"I haven't said yes."
"You will."
Mike rubbed at the back of his neck. "Three
years I put into this place."
"I thought it was longer."
"Three and a half. Feels like ten." It was
a cloudless hazy day. "The wind's changed.
He's too far east, like I said."
"He's all right."
"If the kid lands on that hard pan, he'll
break a leg."
"No one's breaking any legs today," Clark