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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 4
A Compelling Offer
Austin Texas Needed a New Airport and I Was the Man to Build It
In early 2007 Tre Deathe called my office
and introduced himself as a partner with Ea-
gle Rock, LLC. The reason for the call, he said
in a slightly hoarse voice, was to get some ad-
vice about developing a little-known airport
north of Austin. I was curious, of course, and
he asked if I'd be willing to meet, willing to
share some of my experiences building the
Houston Executive Airport, willing to confess
(though he didn't say it) some of my more
costly blunders so he might avoid similar
2007. Original PowerPoint presented to airport developer Ron Henriksen showing Bird's Nest Airport and
surrounding properties outlined in yellow.
traps. I didn't hesitate. By all means, fly on
over and let's have a chat. Soon thereafter
Tre hopped into his twin-engine Beechcraft
Baron and just like that we had a meeting in
the conference room at the Houston Execu-
tive Airport.
I recall the meeting now, years later, as a
rushed fast-talking affair, as though Tre had
more to say than the time allowed--a man
peppering me with questions about overflight
areas and instrument approaches and critical