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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 4
airspace. And what about land use and envi-
ronmental issues? What about runway ori-
entation and engineering and design? What
about street access and parking? What about
T-hangars and maintenance hangars and a
terminal building? What about county codes
and city codes and neighbor complaints and
noise and politics and all the god-awful paper-
work? What about paying for the whole thing?
Tre and I weren't the only people at the
meeting. He had invited two of his partners,
Dayle Baldauf, a commercial appraiser, and
Rick Winter, a local realtor, men who knew
their way around Texas soil and who collec-
tively had grand plans for a stretch of black
clay north of Manor. On my side of the table
I had Frank McIllwain, a project manager
with Garver Engineers, the man responsible
for engineering and construction oversight
of my Houston Executive Airport project,
and Andrew Perry, Executive Director of the
Houston Executive Airport, and my right-
hand man.
Tre and Dayle and Rick sat across the small
conference table and laid out their plans: Buy
up Bird's Nest Airport, acquire the eight ad-
jacent properties, expand the runway, build
hangars and a terminal building, and turn
some 300 acres of the 962-acre project into
a business park targeted at aviation manu-
2007. Sectional chart showing Austin area airports including topographical features, terrain elevations, ground
features, airspace classes, ground-based navigation aids, and other information.