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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
From Turf Airstrip to Corporate Jet Center
Some people have a passion for mountain
climbing or bird watching or baseball cards.
I have a passion for airplanes and airports.
Which explains why in March 2007 I agreed
to meet with a group of pilots who had an op-
tion to purchase a small, nearly abandoned
airstrip northeast of Austin, Texas. The pi-
lots had big plans for this neglected airstrip,
Bird's Nest Airport, and they wanted to ask
me a few questions. I had recently completed
2008. The tail view of Ron W. Henriksen's Cessna Caravan.
Photo courtesy of David Hannah III.
construction of the Houston Executive Air-
port, and I was eager to share my experienc-
es. When the pilots arrived, they peppered
me with questions about runway design and
FAA oversight and political pushback and
building codes. I admired their vision and
saw them as men who pursued their dreams.
Later they asked to meet again. After we got
reacquainted, one of the pilots turned to me,
a grin on his face as if he'd just recalled a big