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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 4
"Help yourself."
"If you do decide to take over," Dayle said,
"when do you want to get started?"
"How about now?"
It was a take it or leave it deal; they took it.
Visit to the Airport
Several days later, I arranged a visit to the
airport with David Hannah III, a friend who
had worked with me on the Houston Execu-
tive Airport. David was a former real estate
developer, a great researcher, and a loyal
friend, all of which made him a perfect buddy
for exploratory road trips. When we arrived
at the property in my Land Rover 4x4--there
was no telling what kind of terrain we might
encounter--we scuttled down the muddy
easement road along the border of the Zschi-
esche property. Aprils could be wet in Central
Texas and this April was no exception. The
county had received a good soaking a week
or so ago and now marshy pools of water dot-
ted the road like giant brown polka dots. We
drove slow and avoided getting sucked into
one of the larger polka dots, and fifteen min-
utes later we pulled up next to the flight office,
parked, and I took my first step onto Bird's
Nest Airport property.
2007. (Left to right) Dayle Baldauf, Tre Deathe, Ron Henriksen, and Tim Casey in April 2007.
Photo courtesy of David Hannah III.