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A History of Austin's Newest General Aviation Airport
W. H
Chapter 4
here or there will boost performance. It's just
as easy to spot a weak link, a bottleneck, a
critical component so fragile a break is in-
evitable, predictable, often happening as you
watch, though happening so gradually no one
else notices.
Bird's Nest Airport was a system of weak
links, of bottlenecks, and critical pathways on
the verge of shattering. Yet for all its faults, I
secretly wanted the airport. It was possible
I simply desired a colossal new challenge.
Whatever the reason, I wanted it. I told my-
self that with enough resources and enough
engineering and enough oversight, this small
country airport could be transformed into a
thriving corporate jet center that would be
the showcase of Austin aviation. Much of the
airport was unsalvageable, but that didn't
keep me from visualizing a new runway and
hangars and a terminal building, and it was
hard to imagine an obstacle large enough to
keep me from bringing the vision to reality.
Its realization was only possible as the result
of a total commitment of funding and a sin-
gle-minded focus of inexorable persistence,
patience, and dedication.
But we are getting way ahead of the story.
2007. Striking sunset view of Don Arsenault's souped up Cessna 150 used for towing banners in the
foreground and sunshade hanger in the background. Photo courtesy of Jim Craig.